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Zune Technical Specifications

Zune 2.0 released on Nov, 2007 has more wonderful features and specifications. The 80GB hard-drive model has 3.2-inch display size. More colors are available on 4GB and 8GB flash-based models. Let's show Zune's specs using the 30GB model.

* 30GB hard driver;
* Hold up to 7500 songs, 100 hours of video, or 25000 pictures;
* Store data via USB cable connectivity.

Size and Weight
three zune colorsZune (30GB) has small size especially while serving up that bigger screen.
* Weight: 5.6 ounces;
* Height: 4.4 inches;
* Width: 2.4 inches;
* Depth: 0.58 inches;
* Colors: black, white, green, pink, brown, etc.

* 3-inch screen;
* 320 x 240 in resolution.

Video File Formats
* WMV, MPEG4, H.264 codec;
* Bit rate for video is not certain now;
* 320 by 240 pixel resolution. (Microsoft is discussing the options for higher resolution video support)

Audio File Formats
* non-FairPlay AAC, MP3 and WMA (unprotected);

zune marketplace* Only JPEG (.jpg) photo files can be supported so far.

Zune Service
* Named Zune Marketplace supporting both download and subscription.

In the box
zune box packageMicrosoft also confirmed three bundles:
* Zune Home A/V Pack:a Zune AV output cable, Zune dock, Zune sync cable, Zune AC adapter and the Zune wireless remote for Zune dock;
* Zune Car Pack: includes a Zune car charger;
* Zune Travel Pack: a Zune premium earphones, Zune dual connect remote, Zune gear bag, Zune sync cable and the Zune AC adapter;
* Every Zune will be preloaded music and videos from EMI, DTS and more;
* More Zune peripherals are developing by a number of leading electronics manufacturers.

Zune Software
Zune software can automatically import your existing music, pictures and videos from iTunes and Windows Media Player in a variety of formats.

grown zune* WiFi is 802.11b/g, which can be turn on or off as you like;
* Device to device transferring the favorite songs, playlists, videos, or pictures with friends wirelessly. Once someone sends you the music, then you can listen to it up to three times in three days.

More Functions built-in
* FM tuner.

Power and Battery
* The battery is 700 mAH and not replaceable;
* Quick to reach full charge, and is "very comparable" to the video playback time.

Windows system requirements
* Windows 7, 2000, XP, Vista or higher;
* PC with USB 2.0.
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